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Company introduction

The slave hair belly hotpot is rinse hair belly joining well-known brands as the main products of hot pot。Chongqing is the hometown of hot pot is known to all,The slave MAO belly hot pot is also started development in chongqing。The slave hot pot first adopted“Papain meat tenderizer”Technology to replace“Caustic soda system”,MAO belly make ascension The new standards。The slave's hot pot industry“As a service to please customers”The business model,To use“Genuine materials”Dishes to win the customer's reputation。

Word of mouth and quality is the slave belly hotpot napa stores more than ten years like one day insist on MAO's brand business philosophy。From the first to believe products“Products”And“Service of socialism”Hand in the business,The slave one step a footprint,Feet on the ground。In addition to pay attention to the products and services,The slave MAO belly hotpot and a characteristic and bright spot。Which is the belly and the fungus soup,The best ingredient collocation of delicious soup,Let everyone enjoy a good time!

The slave hot pot use best Chinese prickly ash and pepper,With ginger、Cinnamon,With the above such as butter,After13Working procedure,Into boxes spicy delicious hot pot bed charge,After packing、Sealed...

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