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Automatic equipmentEstablish and perfect the design、Production and manufacturing、Installation and service of quality assurance。
Controlled independentlyImplements the process of research and development design to the finished products are controlled independently。
After-sale protectionFor the stability of the product、Durability provides the full basis and reliable guarantee。
National certificationThe products are throughISO9001The international quality management system certification。

10In brand precipitation Thousands of successful service enterprises10 years of successful brand precipitation service companies

Set production、Design、Sales in the integration of environmental protection equipment professional manufacturers。

10Years industry experience,Products and services throughout the country,Exported to Europe and the United States。

Hundreds of employees,Can meet the demand of mass production。

After sales

Perfect after-sale system Guarantee full worry-freeCustomer service system to ensure worry free

Professional engineer team door to door,To provide engineering design for free。

Product performance and technical indicators of the passISO9001The international quality management system certification。

Advanced equipment,Easy to operate;High safety coefficient,Professional and more at ease。

Into The Times anzeel enter Blue&Green   Shandong times anzeel environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a collection of environmental protection equipment design、Development、Manufacturing、The installation、Debugging、After-sales service in the integration of new environmental protection development co., LTD,I have a fog gun production base in the main、Blower、Feeder、Pneumatic conveying system、Sewage treatment system、Atmospheric governance system, etc。Company in accordance with the national standard production,Scientific management,Elaborate。Set design、Development、Production of blower、Roots blower、Dust removal equipment(Dust bag,Dust bag,Electromagnetic pulse valve,Bag dust collector,Cyclone,Electrostatic precipitator,Wet dust collector、The bag filter)And all kinds of accessories professional manufacturers。 ...

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What are the common powder pneumatic conveying system?
The common problems in powder materials pneumatic conveying system: A、Conveying system of jam The clogging conveying system has the following several aspects: 1 、Particle diameter of conveying material feeding machine more than limit,Send material grain diameter of powder machine transportation should be in...
How the dust removal equipment maintenance
How to maintain dust removal equipment,Prior to this,We have explained the methods used by the industrial vacuum cleaners do not pay attention to maintenance or the consequences of not correct。Below we will introduce how to correctly use vacuum cleaners and maintenance。 A、There are many different kinds of dust removal equipment...
The advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic precipitator
⑴ High purification efficiency,To set the shop0.01Microns of fine dust。Can through different operating parameters in the design,To meet the required purification efficiency。 ⑵ Resistance losses small,In generally20Mm water column below,Compared with cyclone,Even if take an examination of...
What are dust in the pneumatic conveying characteristics of the equipment

What are dust in the pneumatic conveying characteristics of the equipment Main components of the feeding device、 Pipeline 、The separator(Dust collector)And machinery, etc。 1.The feeding device Is the purpose of the feeding device will be transported material quantitative、Continuous or intermittent supply into the pipeline。Feeding device has simple structure、Reliable operation...

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