The town of dujiangyan,The world cultural heritage,The world natural heritage(Sichuan panda habitat),National key cultural relics protection units,National key scenic spot... [In more detail]
  Planting co., LTD in dujiangyan city with prosperous kiwi fruit2010Years3Month was established,Mainly engaged in kiwi fruit cultivation and sales。The company is located in the birthplace of Taoism qingcheng mountain,Taoism culture heavy here,Mountain green water show、Evergreen、The land fertile、Climate is warm,Rainfall、Humidity、Lighting,Very suitable for the growth of kiwi fruit and planting。The company has been established300Mu kiwi fruit planting zone of hearts,Were planted kiwi fruit of hearts3Many strains,Rural development has passed the dujiangyan city、The joint inspection of bureau of finance [To read more]
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