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Men’s Bags

Chenson carries a wide arrange men’s products from messenger bags, backpacks, duffels and much more. Made with quality and practicality in mind, contact us to visit our showroom and see what Chenson has to offer.


Bags are a women’s best friend, that’s why here at Chenson we carefully design each bag according to the latest fashion trends and a combination of different materials to have that look and feel that every lady wants.


Some of Chenson’s subsidiary brands such as 1818 fly, Republic Vix, Blubag have made their mark in Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay to name a few. Owing their success to it’s durability and trendy combination of colours and material.


Discover a great collection of sporting bags at Chenson. Anything from gym bags, to hiking backpacks for the great outdoors, Chenson has it all.


Luggages range in size from small handheld carry-on’s to large 29” luggage’s. Aside from size, different materials such as soft case polyester/nylon to hard case special grade plastic or aluminum. Choose from a large selection that Chenson has to offer.

About Chenson

Chenson, founded in Taiwan since 1980, is a professional exporter managing various kinds of bags except genuine leather products. To expand business to United States, the first branch office was started in Los Angeles in 1982. With great success of this office, Chenson continuously setting out other branches in 7 more countries throughout central/south America and Europe...